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Who We Are 

Membership to the Rocky Mountain BBQ Association is $35.00 for an Annual Individual Membership, $60.00 for an Annual Team/Family Membership, $150 for a Business membership, $350.00 for an Individual Lifetime Membership, or $600.00 for a Team/Family Lifetime Membership.

Member benefits include: Discounts on BBQ supplies, sauces, and accessories; email updates regarding current BBQ events and news in the Rocky Mountain region; member gatherings at BBQ competitions and other social events to discuss and promote BBQ; plus the RMBBQA Forum which is a great way to stay in touch with all that is happening in the world of BBQ!

RMBBQA Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain BBQ Association promotes barbecue as a traditional form of cooking. The members associate for the purpose of learning and teaching barbecue techniques and recognizing meritorious achievement among its members.

Vision Statement: To promote and support barbecue enthusiasts throughout the Rocky Mountain Region through education, competition and charitable community projects.

Value Statements:
Provide educational opportunities for all members to learn new techniques and procedures to consistently improve the quality of barbecue they produce.

•  Contribute to charitable organizations by providing food, manpower and other resources to assist local agencies.

•  Administer the Rocky Mountain Cup, which is an annual competition to determine the most successful competitive BBQ Cook in the Rocky Mountain BBQ Association. Reward members who have achieved meritorious results in their competition endeavors.

•  Provide a website to keep our members involved and informed of BBQ events and information; and a single source location for registration for Events, Competition Teams and Competition Judges.

•  Assist BBQ Competition Organizers to promote and coordinate their events. This includes providing consultation concerning planning, promotion of the event and attracting competitive teams,  judges and spectators.

Board of Directors

President Bobbi Beaver ('22)
VP Steve Sandridge ('21)
Secretary Debbie Scott ('21)
Treasurer Kim Purdy ('21)
Director Emery Fellows ('22)
Director Tony Roberts ('22)
Director Burgess Robinson ('21)

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