Judge sign up for RMBBQA Cup Contest events

is now being handled by JudgeBBQ.

1) If you already had an account in JudgeBBQ that had the same login credentials as your JLP account, you still do and you are good to go.

2) If you didn't have an account in JudgeBBQ, you do now and its login credentials are the same as your JLP account.

3) If you had accounts in both the JLP and JudgeBBQ they have been consolidated in to a single account with the login credentials of the account that had been used the most. If you aren't sure try both sets of credentials.

4) If you can't get logged in no matter what you try, email me (kevin@judgebbq.com) and I'll email you your login credentials.

Note Your login credentials will work in all versions of JudgeBBQ: Arlieque, JudgeBBQ, and JudgeBBQ Mobile.

Now would be an excellent time to try logging in to your JudgeBBQ account to make sure everything is in working order. Also while you are there you should make sure that your Judge's Profile is up to date. You may want to reset any bookmarks that you have set in your browser. To get started doing all that you can click on this link: JudgeBBQ.